Setting Up Offshore Company or Investing in the Cayman Islands?

Setting Up Offshore Company or Investing in the Cayman Islands?

CityLinkers, a consultancy company in Hong Kong offers an informative Cayman Fund Investment Consultation to all potential investors. The Cayman Islands is a well-known business area because of the highly beneficial investment programs. One of the renewed regimes is the Cayman Fund Investment.

Clients that want to use the advantages of the popular tax programs can book the Cayman Fund Investment Consultation at CityLinkers. A team of financial consultants presents the program to interested investors. Then, they set the business goals of the client and start creating a plan of the investment. When the meeting is over, the CityLinkers team will proceed to the analysis of the case and further creation of the business plan. Scheduling the Cayman Fund Investment Consultation is the beginning of a challenging investment project with outstanding potential.

CityLinkers is a versatile consultancy firm. They assist clients in setting up a BVI Offshore Company since offshore investment is one of the specialties of this company.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is another popular investment area for foreigners. CityLinkers leads clients through the entire registration of the BVI Offshore Company, which accelerates and facilitates the process.

By setting up a BVI Offshore Company, investors from Hong Kong will enjoy the offshore jurisdictions’ benefits. Some of them are legal tax savings, simple international trading, asset protection, and company management, among others. CityLinkers team helps companies expand internationally with quality offshore consultancy services. The savings that come from beneficial tax regimes allow business owners to invest in other aspects of their companies. Thus, they have an opportunity to grow faster and make more profit.