Handmade Calming Candles Are the New Sensation in Hong Kong

Handmade Calming Candles Are the New Sensation in Hong Kong

HK independent brands are crossing the Hong Kong borders with high-quality, organic products that range from clothes and footwear to accessories, home decoration, perfumes, and calming candles. Kapok is a lifestyle brand that sells items in the shop in Hong Kong, as well as the online store ka-pok.com. All the products on the website are arranged by categories so they are easy to find and purchase.

The versatility is one of the main characteristics of HK independent brands. When customers like one product of a certain company, they can buy various items at the same place! Thus, people that enjoy the quality of Kapok perfumes, can also purchase calming candles of different scents.

Kapok is one of the HK independent brands that brings the “future classics” to Asia. They are a modern, innovative company that cares about the customers and the environment. Thus, Kapok products are made of safe materials that are not harmful to the planet.

Calming candles at Kapok come in stylish packages; they are great gifts and amazing inventions for relaxation and comfort. Woody family scents (teakwood, tobacco, sandalwood), bergamot, lime, lily, baboo, raspberry, watermelon, violet, and jasmine are only some of the scents of Kapok’s candles. Buyers can choose the ones they like the most.

All calming candles at Kapok are handmade and hand-poured. The design varies from a glass box to a ceramic box, and a jar, among others. Thus, purchasers can select the design box and the scent. The Kapok candle does not only make the atmosphere more enjoyable but also adds an aesthetic touch to the room.